Lyrics to Dear Vienna
by Owl City

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[edit]Song titleDear Vienna
[edit]Artist nameOwl City
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I regarded the world as such a sad sight
Until I viewed it in black and white
Then I reviewed every frame and basic shape
And sealed the exits with caution tape
don't refocus your eyes in the darkness
And don't remember this place unless
I describe all the things that you cannot see
And we'll unravel the mystery

Farewell, all my friends in textbooks, I'm going home
Find more similar lyrics on my blood cells cannot depend on the weather in photographs
there's a light show out my window somewhere way up there
Dear Vienna, are you singing?
Dear Vienna, are you swinging?
Dear Vienna, we were happy like the shades
of May when we got carried away

I was so far out of place
Watching those stars in outer space
Cuz I am so far from where you are
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Lyrics to Dear Vienna
by Owl City

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