Lyrics to Factory
by Pacifier / Shihad

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[edit]Song titleFactory
[edit]Artist namePacifier / Shihad
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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if you want a vision
of the future
imagine a boot standing
on a human face

speed is our god
speed: 'the new
cannon of beauty'

caught in static ecstasy
we climb...
keep moving onward
keep moving forward
keep moving onward
ideas left in torment
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stuck in the factory

growth is our motto
why? the answer's
in productivity
gotta give up whats mine
gotta fall into line
confused, pathetic and manic
splinter and entirety
spear-like shard
breaking hard
we should be breaking you

stuck in the factory
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Lyrics to Factory
by Pacifier / Shihad

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