Lyrics to Lobotomized
by Paganizer

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[edit]Song titleLobotomized
[edit]Artist namePaganizer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Deep embedded within
The urge to disembowel
To feed on the dead and
wear their skin
Now, your flesh is mine to dissect
Soon, you lay gutted
begging for death
Death comes crawling
As I rip your skin
Ferocious ways to tear
your squirming body
Razorsharp dreams of dread
Bloodsoaked walls
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your bleeding remains
You will die
Stripped of human form
You will burn
Now, your flesh is mine to dissect
Soon, you lay gutted
begging for death
You will die
Stripped of human form
You will burn
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Lyrics to Lobotomized
by Paganizer

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