Lyrics to Entrance to Infinity
by Pagan's Mind

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[edit]Song titleEntrance to Infinity
[edit]Artist namePagan's Mind
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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A strange reality within,
levitating off the ground,
hovering, losing gravity.
Casting misery away, entrance higher.
Orion`s aura is the gate.
A heavenly passage - starway.

Entrance to infinity.
The Heaven's passage
through the stargate;
Orion's eye.
Forever is eternity. Silence divine;
Orion's eye.

Alpha waves through centuries,
Calculate complexity
received by cosmic majesty.
Apparition of the gods,
Tellus` base Necropolis.
Empiral spheres, infernal fights,
Cosmic storms of fire.

Entrance to infinity.
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through the stargate;
Orion's eye.
Forever is eternity. Silence divine;
Orion's eye.

Through the center of time.
Beyond light, beyond mind.
Heavenly grace, infernal pace.
As the secrets appear, like
visions so clear,
Illuminate skies embracing the gate.

The riddle of time,
genetically coded minds.
Programmed and limited.
Wisdom - access denied.

Entrance to infinity.
The Heaven's passage
through the stargate;
Orion's eye.
Forever is eternity. Silence divine;
Orion's eye.
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Lyrics to Entrance to Infinity
by Pagan's Mind

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