Lyrics to Wonderful one
by Page and Plant

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[edit]Song titleWonderful one
[edit]Artist namePage and Plant
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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So throw it down, Cleveland rain
The queen of love has flown again
To seek her daughter

Who must lie beside the thief
Who's golden tongue she will believe
Defies the order

That is why
Oh, that is why

Shall we dance and never stop?
Take my hand and stop the clock
From turning over

And spirit weave, spirit bend
In the move that has no end
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Oh, that is why

Show me your eyes, oh, light of the son
Touch me with fire, my mind is undone
All life conspire, my freedom has come
I drift through desire, my wonderful one

When you do what you do
I can never, never, never
Let you go

When you feel the way you feel
You can never, no, never
Let it show
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Lyrics to Wonderful one
by Page and Plant

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