Lyrics to Voluptus
by Pain Teens

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[edit]Song titleVoluptus
[edit]Artist namePain Teens
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Voluptus in your warmth I long to linger
Voluptus in your embrace I long to die
Voluptus be my song, I'll be your singer
Voluptus in forgotten dreams we lie
Voluptus how our bodies intermingle
Voluptus how your lips blot out the night
Voluptus you're a genius of delight
Voluptus take me with you when you sigh

Find more similar lyrics on, a child, gave me a mystery
We got lost in each other's eyes
His gentle voice filled a void within me
His ample lips silenced my cries
Voluptus, a man, led me into the shadows
Became my earthy primordial god
In darkness he can drown me in the shallows
In daylight he can blind me from above
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Lyrics to Voluptus
by Pain Teens

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