Lyrics to My Babys way rad
by Pajama Slave Dancers

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[edit]Song titleMy Babys way rad
[edit]Artist namePajama Slave Dancers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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"My Baby's Way Rad" by
Pajama Slave Dancers off
of "Heavy Petting Zoo" (c) 1989
She used to skate wiht Tony Alva
But know she skates with me
She's either thrashin' on a ramp
or surfin' by the sea
Oh I'm so glad
Becuase my baby's way rad
She's got a freestyle BMX'er
And "Vans" are all she'll wear
Find more similar lyrics on when she shreds a wave or halfpipe
she always catches air
Oh I'm so glad
Becuase my baby's way rad
She does bunny hops and erossups
and 540's wihtout fear
She'll let me take her
pads and helmet off
After we drink a few beers
Oh I'm so glad
Because my baby she's way rad
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Lyrics to My Babys way rad
by Pajama Slave Dancers

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