Lyrics to Duo
by Paolo Nutini

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[edit]Song titleDuo
[edit]Artist namePaolo Nutini
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oui, je sens le vent
Je sens la pluie
Ressens la peine
Le sang qui coule dans mes veines
Poursuit sa route,
Je suis la mienne

Et c'est si simple de vivre
Et c'est si simple de vivre
Et c'est plus simple de vivre
Que t'aimer

Paolo Nutini:
Well it's true, I feel the rain
I feel the pain
I feel the same
Same blood running through my veins
Find more similar lyrics on beating heart
One for each mind

And it's so easy to live
And it's so easy to live
And it's so easy to love
Why don't we ?

We keep on running away
From now, I'm running away

Paolo Nutini:
Life means nothing at all
Zazie :
If I don't fall
Paolo Nutini :
In love with you
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Lyrics to Duo
by Paolo Nutini

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