Lyrics to Snakes
by Papa Roach

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[edit]Song titleSnakes
[edit]Artist namePapa Roach
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I got a problem with the snakes that are crawling
Through my area when the darkness has fallen
Momma told me that they love to bite
They'll stab you in the back, no shame that's right
I keep my distance cause they're making me crazy
And stealing from me, you know those fuckers are lazy
My blood boils fat turns to oil
Step the fuck back, or you'll get buried in soil
Over drama, or you could sleep with the fishes
My clutches are tight and I'll take your last wishes
One for the money, two for your girl
Three for your life now I fucked up your world
Do you like how it feels to be bit
In the neck by a snake that kills
Find more similar lyrics on you know how it feels to be stabbed in the back
Then watch the blood spill
It's kinda funny how you're running your mouth man
You're caught in a lie and there's no way out, come on
Betray your friends and your peeps and your family
Living like a snake, living like a bloody thief
Check my speech cause it's deep like the sea
From me to y'all and then from y'all back to me
Danger, danger
I slay snakes like a ranger
Military style fears God, not a stranger
Now tell me whose crew slicker? Mine's sicker
Get on your knees be a dick licker
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Lyrics to Snakes
by Papa Roach

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