Lyrics to I'll do it
by Pat Benatar

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[edit]Song titleI'll do it
[edit]Artist namePat Benatar
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well the unseen sights look good to you
I notice how you survey the room
Awkward conversation and you're too polite
You know that's always a clue
I'm wasting my time tryin' to tell ya'
That you're making the mistake of your life
Cause you're so sure that you need to go
At any cost, at any price

But, I'll Do It
I'll send you out on your
own, with no guarantee
I'll Do It
But when you wanna come home
and you look for love
Don't look for me!

Tell me, when did everything
start to go wrong?
And why was I the last one to know?
You're so good at hidin' your feelings
I'm so good at lettin' mine show

Well I know how great it feels together
But that just isn't enough
Cause I need more than your bedside manner
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So, I'll Do It
I guess there's nothin' to
say, its all been said
I'll Do It
Make sure you want it this
way, `cause when it's done
this time
I'll be gone

I'll Do It
I'll send you out on your
own, with no guarantee
I'll Do It
But when you wanna come home
and you look for love
Don't look for me!

I'll Do It
I'll Do It
I'll Do It
I'll Do It
I'll Do It

Written by: Neil Geraldo & Pat Giraldo
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Lyrics to I'll do it
by Pat Benatar

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