Lyrics to Detonation
by Pathos

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[edit]Song titleDetonation
[edit]Artist namePathos
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Comprimated state of minds, filling up your soul
Gene's determined right or wrong, ancient times
ago The battlefield war goes on, right inside your
soul Systematic mind reclusion, disorder in

The pressure is building up, detonations counting
down Self destructing acts are planning, futures
now in soiled Burning karma haunt your soul,
euphoria take's control Warhead power burns your
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Cleanse your mind Cleanse your soul...

Destination place unknown, history's coming close
Twisted thoughts reveals the pain, discovering the
legacy Shadows from a distant time, blocks the sun
away The pressure is slowly building up,
detonation's counting down...
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Lyrics to Detonation
by Pathos

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