Lyrics to It Goes Without Saying
by Paul Carrack

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[edit]Song titleIt Goes Without Saying
[edit]Artist namePaul Carrack
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I need to hear it, One word from your heart
All you ever give me, is it goes without saying
You leave it unspoken, the message is loud and clear
Here in the silence where it goes without saying

Well it goes without saying
I'm feeling like a fool for hanging on
And if it goes without saying much longer I'm gone

You take it for granted, as if I can read your mind
I'm left with a question that never gets answered
I don't want this feeling of wondering where I stand
I won't even ask you if you're gonna tell me

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How am I supposed to know what's going on
If it goes without saying much longer I'm gone

Why should I cry?, Why lie to myself any longer

If it goes without saying, I'm feeling like a fool
For hanging on
When it goes without saying, baby there's no way to know
What's going on
If it goes without saying much longer, I don't know how I
Can say it any stronger if it goes without saying much
I'm gone
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Lyrics to It Goes Without Saying
by Paul Carrack

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