Lyrics to Wintercoat
by Paul Kelly & the Messengers

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[edit]Song titleWintercoat
[edit]Artist namePaul Kelly & the Messengers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Paul Kelly (Mushroom)
We were lovers once long ago
Walking through cold
city streets like
lovers do
Stopped inside a market
Kissed behind a stall
Someone said you'd better move on
if you're not buying at all
Then I saw the winter coat
hanging on the rack
I thought about that winter coat
hanging on my back
So you helped me try it on
It was just my size
Then you bought that coat for me
after haggling over the price
Now when it's chilly
Up in these cold cold hills
I just put on my winter coat
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Keeps me warm
Years have come along
Years have gone
Some friends have risen
Some have moved on
And my old winter coat still
hangs by my front door
Holding all the stories
I don't remember anymore
And when it gets freezing
Up in these cold cold hills
I just put on my winter coat
My winter coat
Keeps me warm
My winter coat
My winter coat
My winter coat
My winter coat
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Lyrics to Wintercoat
by Paul Kelly & the Messengers

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