Lyrics to Rehearsal
by Pedro the Lion

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[edit]Song titleRehearsal
[edit]Artist namePedro the Lion
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's so priceless when you say you have to work late
When we both know you're at a motel
Here's the thing that's so much more depressing
Than the infidelity itself

Darling, you are so unoriginal
Each move more obvious than the one before it

You know I always said that I would kill you
If I ever caught you stepping out
Find more similar lyrics on I see I did not know the half of
What hatred and revenge were all about

Darling, you are so unoriginal
Each move more obvious than the one before it

And I guess I could be bigger but I'd rather make you pay

Darling, you are so unoriginal
You'll see that I can be so unoriginal just like you
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Lyrics to Rehearsal
by Pedro the Lion

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