Lyrics to Free as a Bird
by Pegazus

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[edit]Song titleFree as a Bird
[edit]Artist namePegazus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Last night I had a dream
I had wings and I could fly away
I could see mountains and the sea
And what it was like to be free
Free as a bird in the sky
My wings would take me up so high

Now I feel as though I'm floating away
Above the clouds in a different kind of way
I'm so high, I feel so free
Find more similar lyrics on wish this was the way I could always be
Flying high above the sky, so high
Like a bird I'm up so high

I'm looking down on the earth from far away
It looks so peaceful, I really want to stay
I can only wish that this was real
I wish this was the way I could always feel
Now and then I still dream that I can fly
With my wings taking me up so high.
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Lyrics to Free as a Bird
by Pegazus

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