Lyrics to Livin on Lies
by Pentagram

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[edit]Song titleLivin on Lies
[edit]Artist namePentagram
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Right is the search for the wrong
Which's the real
It's all for the mind
But you live for the feel

Nothingness is the meaning of life
There's no you and no us
Look deep in the mirror
You'll see it in your eyes


Dream the same thing everynight
Hear the darkness over loud
No more silence,never free
Will things be better, I can not see

Within the rightside
Within the wrongside
You know the life is true
When there's nothing left to say
The truth will chalange you

You're living on lies!
Wrong is to cry for the
Vision of time
Urless we handle
Then who'll stop the crime
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Nothingness is the meaning of life
When your hopes fade away
Trapped in this nightmare
You can't break away


Right is to know what you
Choose for your life
It's all for the dream
And the dream is the life

Everything is the meaning of life
Unless you close your eyes
You'de not sale for any price
Make no compromise

Dream something different tonight
Play this music over loud
See you'll need no surgery
More things better,you will see

Within the rightside
Within the wrongside
You know the life is true
When there's nothing left to say
The truth will chalange you
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Lyrics to Livin on Lies
by Pentagram

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