Lyrics to Committed
by Pete Yorn

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[edit]Song titleCommitted
[edit]Artist namePete Yorn
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's alright
I won't commit my friend
And if you pay for your mistakes
You can break apology
It's just fine
I won't commit my friend
When you come back from your escape
You can make a person's day
Cos it's your time
You come back and you don't
tell the truth to me, no
It's alright
I won't commit my friend
When you come back from your escape
I don't need apology
Yeah it's just fine
I won't convince my friend
And you don't know just what to say
Once you make your plan you
follow it just right
Find more similar lyrics on know you never meant to let nobody down
You never feel the way I found
Come and see
Oh, I won't commit my friend
You won't pay for your mistakes
And I don't make apologies
Yeah it's alright
I won't convince my friend
When you don't know just what to say
I don't think I'll ever
come to hear it all
You wanna feel so bad for doing
nothing all this time
You're doing nothing
(You just feel left out!)
You're always up to no one's business
Always up to:
Only witness
When you come back from your escape
Then I could follow you to hell.
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Lyrics to Committed
by Pete Yorn

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