Lyrics to Funky Junky
by Peter Andre

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[edit]Song titleFunky Junky
[edit]Artist namePeter Andre
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Trying to do my own thing
Is very hard to do
Creating style is my thing
Being funky through and through

I've come up with something
That's pretty fly and new
So move your butt on up here
So you can do it too

Move it to the left
And then you move it to the right
I wanna see your body move
I think you've got it right

Do the funky junky
Let's do the funky junky
Do that funky junky baby
Do the funky junky

Every time I get the urge
You'll see my body move
I wanna do the junky
I can't resist the groove

People always see me
And laugh with full content
But then I see them doin' it
they sure ain't heaven sent

I try to show them 'funky'
So that they will understand
They quickly pick it up and move
I think they've got the hang

Do the funky junky
Let's do the funky junky
Do that funky junky baby
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Bring it down
The PA system throwing vocals
Smooth to hype the funk track
With the LW swing 'n prime riffs
That keep the floor packed an' jumpin'
To a beat that's made for pumpin'
Word, it's a dope track Jack
So let 'em tell you something
About this funky junky Mack
Front 'n the tip of my bozack
With crazy juice
Like Mother Goose were cutting loose
An' here's the pure facts so step back
The beat is straight of funky
A new set that's good to go
we got you hooked
Just like a junky

I wanna see your body
I think you oughta show me
I wanna see you move that body baby
From side to side
I think you oughta show me
I am the man to do it
I wanna see you do that funky junky
Then I'll make you mine
Move it to your left
The move it to your right
I wanna see your body move
I think you've got it right

Do the funky junky
Let's do the funky junky
Do that funky junky baby
Do the funky junky
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Lyrics to Funky Junky
by Peter Andre

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