Lyrics to Flume
by Peter Gabriel

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[edit]Song titleFlume
[edit]Artist namePeter Gabriel
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
[edit]Brief notesOriginally by Bon Iver
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I'm my mother's only one
It's enough
I wear my garment so it shows
Now you know

Only love is all maroon
Gluey feathers on a flume
Sky is womb and she's the moon
She's the moon

I am my mother on the wall
With us all
I move in water, shore to shore
Nothing's more

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Lapping lakes like leary loons
Leaving rope burns, reddish ruse
Reddish ruse

Only love is all maroon
Gluey feathers on a flume
Sky is womb and she's the moon
She's the moon

She's the moon
She's the moon
She's the moon
She's the moon
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Lyrics to Flume
by Peter Gabriel

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