Lyrics to Overnight Lows
by Peter Wolf

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[edit]Song titleOvernight Lows
[edit]Artist namePeter Wolf
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You know, some people are always runnin' away from you, love
Hah, I guess I've been doin' that for a long, long, long, long time
And when I first met you at Audrey's house
Well, hah, you know I didn't think much about it
But then I realized you were lookin' at me and I was lookin' at you
And you were lookin' at me and I was lookin' at you
And all of a sudden we were lookin' at each other together
But baby, now I realize, lovers can never say good-bye
So I was a fool, girl, to let you walk away
I didn't care why -- I thought I'd find somebody else
So I told you, girl, you go on and do your own thing
Now after a while I realized the mistakes I made
You know I can't take back the words I said
And I can't undo the things I've done
But tonight, you know, tonight, I'm sittin' here in the kitchen
Right in the dark, sittin' all alone in my underwear
With a cold baloney sandwich and a confused, confused heart there, girl
And let me tell you somethin'
Oh, listen

Call me
Oh, call me, girl
Yeah, I'm so lonely

(Overnight highs, overnight lows)
(Walkin' around, nowhere to go)
I got nowhere to go, girl
(Overnight highs, overnight lows)
(All goin' down, end of the road)

Oh darlin', I can't find
No love anymore
(Oh my baby, ooh)
Here I am, I'm waitin'
So call me, baby
Oh, call me

Well, here I am, sittin' in the same ol' place we always used to go
You know, I tried to call you, baby, three or four times
Find more similar lyrics on's gettin' kind o' late, the parking lot's empty
(One o'clock)
You know, they're puttin' all the chairs on top of the tables
(Two o'clock)
Yeah, they're sweepin' up the floor
(Three o'clock)
I'm waitin' for you, baby
Are you gonna call me?
(Four o'clock)
Oh, are gonna call me?
(Five o'clock)
(Six o'clock)
It ain't feelin' so good, yeah

I want to tell you, girl
I been so lonely

(Overnight highs, overnight lows)
(Walkin' around, nowhere to go)

Yeah, I'm still waitin' for you, baby
I thought I'd put on some French cologne
And then I'd check out my astrological forecast
You know I'm a Pisces -- we get kind o' sensitive at times
Well, tonight, the signs said you're in for some good shwacking
Yeah, get me a little bit o' love candle
Put it all around my room and fill up the waterbed
You and me, man, get a little hot oil and just do a little rub-a-dub-dub-dub
Put a little bit o' that Grateful Dead on and we'll jam, baby
We'll jam all night long, just you and me
Holdin' each other, I'm talkin about ecstacy, yeah
Oh, we'll be rubbin' a little o' that oil all over our two ch
Oh, baby
Hold it, man! What is that?
I never felt that on you before
Holy damn! No wonder... What happened?
Wait, wait a second
Wait a minute...
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Lyrics to Overnight Lows
by Peter Wolf

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