Lyrics to It's Too Late For Me
by Peter Wolf

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[edit]Song titleIt's Too Late For Me
[edit]Artist namePeter Wolf
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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The lovers, two by two along the avenue
Oh, such a beautiful sight to see
But as they pass me by, it makes me wanna cry
'Cause I know it's too late for me

It seems so long ago, when someone loved me so
And we were both, both so young and so free
I thought I still could see how good life used to be
And I know that it's too late for me

The days go by, the days go by
Find more similar lyrics on heartache I can't ease
The nights come on, I'm all alone
With just my precious memories

Now to me it seems, I always lived in dreams
Of how I wanted my, my life to be
I wake to morning cold, there's nothing left to hold
'Cause I know it's too late for me

I wake to morning cold, there's nothing left to hold
Oh yes, it's too late for me
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Lyrics to It's Too Late For Me
by Peter Wolf

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