Lyrics to Didn't I
by Petey Pablo

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[edit]Song titleDidn't I
[edit]Artist namePetey Pablo
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Petey arguing with cop:)
"All inmates are asked
To stay inside the cell"
Hey dog, you think
I could make my
phone call?
Hey look, what you need
To do is sit down
I just wanna
Make my phone call
Just sit down
Hey, I get a phone call
For this motherf***er
F*** you
Hey f*** you too
ya b*stard
I just want
My f***ing phone call
"Sgt. Ellis: Please come
To the front gate"
I got his as*
Didn't I?
Told him my plan
Didn't I?
Thought I was
playin' wit' him
Now he as* out and
Payin' sh*t that
nigga stank
Didn't he?
Smelled like some
Old spoiled meat
Didn't he?
When they found him
Took 'bout a
Motherf***in' week
Didn't it?
Down in a
Motherf***in' creek
Didn't they?
Mr. Roberts found
his as* out
Fishin' Sunday evenin'
Didn't he?
Gift-wrapped in a sheet
Didn't he?
Roberts got out of there
So fast, they didn't
Ever find his boat
Did they?
I'd like to flip
the hood night
Didn't I?
* nigga like
To ran up on my slab
Didn't he?
Didn't even know
I had that thing
Did ya?
Y'all just seen mad niggas
across the field
Didn't ya?
(Hey, hey, hey)
That sh*t pulled
A lot of cards
Didn't he?
Especially that bald-head
Tight t-shirt
wearin' as* Cindi
Didn't he? (punk)
That nigga ran in
up his girl
Didn't he?
(Yo what happened)
Took her home and
Ran the train on a trick
Didn't I?

You are now rockin' wit'
One of the most real
Motherf***ers in
the rap game
97-Petey Pablo or
Petey Too Small as
We call him down
in Greenville
With this new sh*t
"Didn't I", ya
Boy that boy has done
A lot of things
Petey-tell something
Else you did

Thought I was playin'
Didn't ya?
I did everything I said
Didn't I?
I got out of prison and
Got a major record deal
Didn't I?
You didn't believe me
Did ya?
Ya'know I know you
Didn't you
probably decided
That I'd be right back
On the street
Didn't ya?
I guess I showed you
Didn't I?
Got in the race
And then I won it
Didn't I?
I didn't even rub it
In your face, did I?
I could've got real sh*tty
But I didn't
Find more similar lyrics on I?
Or got all fly
but I didn't
Did I? (nope)
Man, I just kept
it all real
Didn't I? (ya)
Brought it right back
To the homefront
Just like I said
Didn't I?
They kept
Didn't they?
Yo (cough cough)
Excuse me
Can I have your attention
Didn't I?
I f***ed 'em up
The way I did it
Didn't I?
Came to the city
spittin' nothing
But that
Didn't I?
I changed
A lot of things here
Didn't I?
Came from the
Back to the front and
I had them kissing
A nigga as*
Didn't I?

You real crazy
Boy you a trip
You a real trip
But hey, but hey
The boy kept it real
He did, oh you
Thought it was over
Hey Petey
Get real fly on they as*
And talk about some sh*t
Some real sh*t
Come on

You coulda had me
Couldn't ya?
All that time
Couldn't ya?
Mad little
That little cash
wouldn't hurt you
Would it?
Well it shouldn't
Should it?
You wouldn't be broke and
Not tell us would you?
C'mon, don't laugh
It could happen
Couldn't it? (yeah)
It wouldn't be so bad
Would it?
If I wasn't right there
On your as* would it?
Such little sh*t
Shouldn't affect
you should it?
Glitter my as*
I'm a star cat
(Now Petey you shouldn't
Even be like that)
Didn't they tell you man?
All your dumbness is
Gonna come back
On your monkey as*
You gonna be mad
At this verse here
Ain't ya man?
I wrote a song about it
Would you like to hear it
Here it comes
(Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)

Hey let me tell
Y'all something
I wanna tell y'all that
This mother f***a here
Don't give a f***
For real, he is pimp
Straight up and
Motherf***in' down
Y'all got to
hear this sh*t
Petey Pablo
Tha boy be out 19-2000
Killin' sh*t yo
Aiyyo we outta here
We'll let this
Motherf***in' beat ride
We're gonna let
motherf***ers sit
And enjoy the rest of
This motherf***in' song
Aight, that was just
A fly as* intro
To this whole thang
The whole thang
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Lyrics to Didn't I
by Petey Pablo

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