Lyrics to Dance
by Petra

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[edit]Song titleDance
[edit]Artist namePetra
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Words by Bob Hartman
Based on 2 Thessalonians 2:15, 2
Timothy 3:14, Philippians 1:6

I've been to the party and I left alone
And I've danced with a few that I'd be better off on my own
I've been to the altar and I know I kneeled
But I ended up dancing in the grass of another field
Then someone told me I heard someone say

Dance with the one who brung ya
Dance with the one you know who got you there
Dance with the one who brung ya
Find more similar lyrics on't change hats, you know it's the one you wear

My feet start moving down inside my shoes
But I don't want to settle for the beat of a lonely blues
And there's no use dancin' to a different drum
When I've seen what happens and I know what will become
I can testify it's never worth a try

I looked high, I looked low
You're never gonna find someone who loves you so
Stand tall, stand strong
You're only gonna see you're right where you belong

Don't try to fix what has never been broke
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Lyrics to Dance
by Petra

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