Lyrics to Good News
by Petra

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[edit]Song titleGood News
[edit]Artist namePetra
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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It's just the same thing every day
It's only bad news coming my way
Another war, there's a film at eleven
Another crime from the heart of man
I can sit here with my lock on the door
Change the channel as I try to ignore
Or get ready with shoes on my feet
And start dancing to another beat
Good news- you can read all about it
Good news- speak the word, never doubt it
Good news- cause we can't live without it
I got good news on a long-standing offer
Life you can never lose
Some people can't see the light of day
They need somebody to show them the way
Find more similar lyrics on climb the walls in fear of the future
But God alone has the only cure
The world is spinning like it's out of control
There's only one thing that can save the soul
I'm feeling today is the day
So listen up, I've got something to say
All this bad news is getting me down
Got my head spinning around
Don't have to take it, you know you can choose
So listen up...I've got some good news
The world needs to hear the good news
Of the love of God's Son
Every life can be changed
By the hearing of what He's done
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Lyrics to Good News
by Petra

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