Lyrics to Who's on the Lord's Side
by Petra

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[edit]Song titleWho's on the Lord's Side
[edit]Artist namePetra
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Words by Timothy Wright
Based on Joshua 24:15

You've been running and running
Running for a long time
Your time is winding up
You better make up your mind
It's getting late in the evening
The sun is going down
You better get right while
He may be found

I want to know where
Who's on the Lord's side
I want to know where
Find more similar lyrics on's on the Lord's side
Where do you stand
Come on, come on
I'm on the Lord's side

You got to work, got to work,
work while it's day
For the night is coming when
you can't find your way
Oh sinner I wonder what will you do
You better choose this day
- tomorrow's not promised
to you

Get up if you're on the Lord's side
Get on your feet
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Lyrics to Who's on the Lord's Side
by Petra

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