Lyrics to Ordinary day
by Pfr ( Pray for Rain )

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[edit]Song titleOrdinary day
[edit]Artist namePfr ( Pray for Rain )
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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have you always been the same my friend
you don't have to be alone and lonely my friend
will you always be the same my friend
i'm wondering, i wonder will you see...

on this, an ordinary day
there's an extraordinary Savior
waiting, wanting you to know Him
on this, an ordinary day

do you even recognize your need
how can you build an argument
from nothing my friend
can you feel Him plant the seed my friend
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on this, an ordinary day
there's an extraordinary Savior
waiting, wanting you to know Him
on this, an ordinary day
creation's author waits for
you who happened to need Him
more than He needs you
on this, an ordinary day

it was an ordinary day
when He died once for all
and He'll still be the same
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Lyrics to Ordinary day
by Pfr ( Pray for Rain )

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