Lyrics to It Don't Matter to me
by Phil Collins

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[edit]Song titleIt Don't Matter to me
[edit]Artist namePhil Collins
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well it don't matter to me what you say, what you say
And it don't matter to me what you're doing alright, alright.

Because I've heard it all so many times before
Just what you're saying and
I don't really want to hear it all no more, no more
Don't wanna hear it no more

Cos there's no way that you can run
Cos I'm gonna find you
And there's nobody that you can turn to
cos I'll be behind you just to remind you

That it don't matter to me what you say, what you say
Well it didn't matter to me what you're doing alright, alright
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It seems to me it's been too easy for you for too long
So you'd better climb down before you fall
and hurt your pride, your pride
You're gonna hurt your pride

Cos there' nowhere that you can run to
Cos I'm gonna find you
And there's no place that you can stay
Cos I'll be behind you just to remind you

Well it don't matter to me what you do
Well it don't matter to me, I'm talking to you, talking to you
Well it don't matter to me believe me
Well it don't matter to me...
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Lyrics to It Don't Matter to me
by Phil Collins

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