Lyrics to Trainer
by Pinback

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[edit]Song titleTrainer
[edit]Artist namePinback
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Rubber Wings
Tangled strings
choke the victim
Lives on sand
Craves the ocean
Two that look
want to see the
same Thing ing

Some will pass
and some will stay
All content
to live that way

Stick your arm
inside the mirror
Crawl back into bed
Take a swim
inside the mirror

Some are things I
can't understand,
like who is the
hood and who is
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What is sand?
What is the ocean?
Cause, what I see
cant be the same

Crawl back into bed
Take a swim
inside the mirror

Collapse inside the barrel.
(Roll down the hill)
Roll down the hill
There's nails
inside the barrel.
These walls are
awful narrow
Impaled on carpet's arrow
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Lyrics to Trainer
by Pinback

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