Lyrics to Sonic Dynamite
by Pink Cream 69

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[edit]Song titleSonic Dynamite
[edit]Artist namePink Cream 69
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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listen and you will believe
echoes of screaming to
give you glory
more than you'll ever conceive
thundering walls gonna
tell the story
shut down the lights
release the might
tension hangs thick in the air
we got the means
so break at the seams
feeling the power you bear

stand up, the moment is right
we're gonna tear through those walls
hold on, there's no end in sight
let the music bite
the sonic dynamite
let's light it
the sonic dynamite

like a fire we can rise and fall
through the madness we
can take it all
powered by the force you give to me
got the makings for a unity
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now that i know that i
ain't got no time left to waste
come on and witness the final fury
you are the new founded race
surrender your mind when
you face the jury
open your eyes
see no disguise
mystical magic will rise
now you can fly
so, lets have a try
knowing there'll be no suprise

stand up, the moment is right
we're gonna tear through those walls
hold on, there's no end in sight
let the music bite

the sonic dynamite
let's light it
the sonic dynamite
don't fight it
the sonic dynamite
the sonic dynamite
the sonic dynamite
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Lyrics to Sonic Dynamite
by Pink Cream 69

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