Lyrics to Don't Leave me Now
by Pink Floyd

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[edit]Song titleDon't Leave me Now
[edit]Artist namePink Floyd
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh, babe, don't leave me now

Don't say, it's the end of the road
Remember the flowers I sent
I need you, babe

To put through the shredder
In front of my friends, oh babe

Don't leave me now

How could you go?
When you know
How I need you
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To beat to a pulp
On a Saturday night Oh babe

Don't leave me now

How can you treat me this way?
Runnin' away
Oh babe, why are you runnin' away?

Ooh, babe
Ooh, babe
Ooh, babe
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Lyrics to Don't Leave me Now
by Pink Floyd

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