Lyrics to Hell Wit Ya
by Pink

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[edit]Song titleHell Wit Ya
[edit]Artist namePink
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What is this
I heard you got a new miss
We just broke up so you know that I'm pissed
They say you're faithful I don't believe that shhhh...
Oh no, oh no

Oh I tried to act like I didn't care
But it doesn't seem fair you're so good to her
And I tried to pretend I didn't see
all those things that you do, you
couldn't do for me

I was in love wit ya
But the hell wit ya cuz you didn't wanna treat me right
I was in love wit ya
But the hell wit ya cuz you didn't wanna treat me right
Now ya got another girl in your life,
givin her love all day and night
I was in love wit ya
But the hell wit ya cuz you didn't wanna treat me right
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So I hear, I've met the wench before
(yeah I remember that time we went
to Pizza Hut and you told me she
was your cousin)
I hear you learned to open doors
(so when did you become such a damn gentleman)

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus

What does she do to you
To make you give her everything
like you never did for me
Call it jealousy, but it's killin me
Cuz all the time that you were mine,
you didn't treat me right
No no, no you didn't treat me right, no no no

Repeat Chorus
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Lyrics to Hell Wit Ya
by Pink

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