Lyrics to Eclipse
by Pizzicato Five

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[edit]Song titleEclipse
[edit]Artist namePizzicato Five
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Translators: Ed
Valdez, Ayumi
Suzuki, and Ted

kamera ga chotto bureta
moo ichido
anata ga sukoshi yureta
moo ichido

sekai ga sukoshi kaketa
sono mama de ugokazu ni
hora ne subete sakasama

taiyoo ga kakuresoo yo
moo ichido
anata ga mienaku naru
moo ichido

sekai ga kiete shimau
sono mama de ugokazu ni
film ni tojikomeru no

machi ga yureru
tsuki ga kakeru
machi ga moeru
anata ga te o furu

camera ga chotto bureta
anata ga sukoshi yureta
taiyoo ga kakuresoo yo
anata ga mienaku naru
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The camera shook a bit
Once again
You're swaying a bit
Once again

The world is slightly cracked
Don't move, just stay there
See, its completely upside-down

The sun has almost disappeared
Once again
And now I can't see you
Once again

The world is
completely out of
Don't move, just stay there
wrapped up in film

The town sways
The moon wanes
The town is aglow
You wave your hand

The camera shook a bit
You are swaying a bit
The sun has almost disappeared
And now I can't see you
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Lyrics to Eclipse
by Pizzicato Five

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