Lyrics to Frozen
by Planet Smashers

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[edit]Song titleFrozen
[edit]Artist namePlanet Smashers
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I was out late last night down by the railway
station Something caught my eye a man ripped in
half holding his salvation It was plain to see
that if it wasn't for me Nobody would've cared or
known that this man had no home But all I say is
how can shit be this way One more lost so many to
go while I'm going to the stupid show Vision still
haunting me it's a good thing to be so free Don't
let them get to near don't let them live around
Find more similar lyrics on It's just a little bit insane One of these
days all this crap will scatter and we will see
what really matters Mom's and dads, oh you must be
glad Why can't we see that all we need is a little
bit of humanity Revolution breathes, still
families living in the streets Back down by the
railway station morning comes, but I'm long gone
The man lying by the side of the road, His toes
are frozen, frozen from the cold.
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Lyrics to Frozen
by Planet Smashers

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