Lyrics to Make You Say
by Pleasure P

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[edit]Song titleMake You Say
[edit]Artist namePleasure P
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Pleasure P

Girl I can see it in your eyes, you're frontin'
I know you wanna get in trouble later, well I'm a trouble maker
& I'm bettin' there's a couple places you've never seen,
But you ain't gotta wait cause, I would love to take ya and...

Can you imagine me just freakin' ya slow,
Hop in the G-4, we can spend the weekend in Rome
Lets get gone, we'll be alone
& baby I can make ya feel right at home

Girl I know...
I know (I know)
What you (What you)
Think but (Think but)
I'mma show you different
I know (I know)
Just what (Just what)
Kind of (Kind of)
Love that you been missin'

Baby I'mma make you say (ooooh) x3
Ohhh, Ohhhh

Face down, back up
Range rover, black truck
Love it when you act up,
It feel good, say that's wassup.

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Just how it feels, when she grinds it on me slow...
Baby I wanna fuck with you
When you get on top of me, rockin me,
Possibly I'm fallin' in love with you.. (just playin)

Girl you should gon' leave the club with a playa,
Kissin' ya neck & slowly pullin' ya hair.
Girl I know (I)
I Know (I know)
What you (What you)
Think but (Think but)
I'mma show you different

I know (I Know)
Just what (just what)
Kind of (kind of)
Love that you been missin

Baby I'mma make you say (ooooh) x3
Girl I'mma make you say (oooh) x3

Girl I wanna get inside of ya head
& just explore those fanticies baby
Then I wanna get inside of ya bed
Cause I sure been wantin you lately
This curiosity, ooh girl, it's killin' me
& I (I don't wanna do this no more)
I'm growin' impatient, I'm tired of waitin
& girl I wanna show you I can...

Baby I'ma make you say (oooh)
Baby, baby I'ma make you say (oooh)
I'm gonna make you say...
I'm gonna make yooooou saaaay.... (yea yea yea yea yea yea yea) x2
I'mma make you say, Gonna make you say, Make you say, Make you saaaaay...Yeaaaah
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Lyrics to Make You Say
by Pleasure P

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