Lyrics to Psta (Put That Shit Away)
by Pleasurecrush

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[edit]Song titlePsta (Put That Shit Away)
[edit]Artist namePleasurecrush
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do you remember our practive of denial?
Will we ever put it down?
Ever truly own it?
Stay in discipline, keep off it.
Put the shit away
Will you or I ever defeat it?
Will there come a day when we
can see the damage?
Will I live forever? Will I die tomorrow?
Put the shit away
Pit it away
Find more similar lyrics on in our real brain, see
through each other
Or we can go our separate ways
Or be like Mr. Sepe, he threw it all away
Like Mr. Chapman, my old art teacher
He went away
Gone for forever
Live for today. Live for today.
Will I live forever? Will I die tomorrow?
Put the shit away
Put it away
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Lyrics to Psta (Put That Shit Away)
by Pleasurecrush

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