Lyrics to Get it Straight
by P.O.D.

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[edit]Song titleGet it Straight
[edit]Artist nameP.O.D.
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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God's invisible qualities
Eternal Power and dignity
Ruling over everything
Forever and ever eternity

Take a step back chump it's the word don't you know it
Strictly hardcore Underground is how I flow it
I show it and let it be known, this good news
I love my life for Christ, But you live now you choose
We rock a show we rock some more, He gets the glory
Cause this is how we preach his word and tell his story
Find more similar lyrics on when it comes to my God, there ain't no playing around
We either get on our knees or we can get down
And we can get down
So come and get some of this christianity
Dedicated my life, Now I'm a Soldier of G.O.D.
I stuff his words in your face cause you know I can
You heard this before, I don't care, hear it again
This is your final warning Yeah Get It Straight
So come and get a piece of his love before it's too late
We bless you Lord, You're my GOD and you're my life
That's how we do, so what that P.O.D. like?
Now what my G-O-D like?
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Lyrics to Get it Straight
by P.O.D.

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