Lyrics to Amazing
by Point of Grace

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[edit]Song titleAmazing
[edit]Artist namePoint of Grace
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Words & Music by David
Zaffiro and Kevin Stokes

Consider your needs of the past
When somebody helped but you never asked
Now think of the joy you received
When you reached out to
someone else in need

Cause some days we laugh
Some days we cry
Some days we hold it deep inside
Though each day is a gift from on high

But what I find
The love we give the love we gain
There's so much more
that's in Jesus name

Find more similar lyrics on it's hard to see
That it's more blessed to
give than receive
Learning from different mistakes
Learning to give instead of just take
But when we all start to blend
We'll be like colors
surrounding the sun as it sets

(Repeat Pre-Chorus)




Sometimes it's hard to see
That it's more blessed to
give than receive
Consider your needs of the past
When somebody helped but you never asked
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Lyrics to Amazing
by Point of Grace

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