Lyrics to 12/23/93
by Poison the Well

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[edit]Song title12/23/93
[edit]Artist namePoison the Well
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Gouge out my eyes / pestilence
lack of love binds / propagate / the strife you desire
keep me from forced self depiction / abhorate
self assured I am no more / take this
away from me once more /
thirsted for something that never existed /
Complacent / I am abomination / I replace
Find more similar lyrics on of malice / sew my mouth shut
the silent sound of the end / I drown in tears
Sinking in dreams / Of what I once owned
I avoid the setting of the sun x2
Memories fade as you did once before
Stole hope from right under my eyes
Accomplice of my death
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Lyrics to 12/23/93
by Poison the Well

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