Lyrics to A) the View from Here is... b) a Brick Wall
by Poison the Well

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[edit]Song titleA) the View from Here is... b) a Brick Wall
[edit]Artist namePoison the Well
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Covered from head to toe in lighting, it's
constantly changing when I'm around. Days left
before this is over and done with. The sheets keep
whispering "will you make it through this
day?" I'll practice making scenarios that
aren't really there. The corner hasn't helped in
so long it speeds everything up now. Back and
Find more similar lyrics on, walking every piece of baggage off of me.
Hope when it hits they ground they turn to ash.
Sing the words even though they don't make sense
at all. I believe letters keep me warm. I believe
letters keep me company. Tonight and forever in
this room with mood lighting. Even though it
doesn't make sense.
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Lyrics to A) the View from Here is... b) a Brick Wall
by Poison the Well

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