Lyrics to Ghostchant
by Poison the Well

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[edit]Song titleGhostchant
[edit]Artist namePoison the Well
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sever your relation to those who are dependent on
breathing the obvious in it only turns your lips
blue. Turns your lips blue. Unfastens inspiration
from your throat. No one around so you slash
pretty skin. You told me they drove you to it. How
many times do I have to turn the switch to warn
you about jumping in the back of the cars. They
Find more similar lyrics on the tendon so you'd be to wasted to hold it
all. No one around so you slash pretty skin. You
told me they drove you to it. How many times have
you woken up in a strangers arms covered in the
gasoline as they hover above you with the match
they ignite.
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Lyrics to Ghostchant
by Poison the Well

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