Lyrics to In Lust
by Poisonblack

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[edit]Song titleIn Lust
[edit]Artist namePoisonblack
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Musik & Lyrik: Laihiala

It comes again... the state I love and hate
It comes again... I am lost yet I have faith
I'm so high on you

The nature of you is to keep on fulfilling the need
The nature of me is to drown with the next defeat

Time after time you bleed your tears for me
Find more similar lyrics on after time... for me

When fear of life keeps crawling in she wipes it all away
Day turns to night repeats the sin
I'm in lust so let love reign

It comes again... cos you're fuel to this desire
It comes again... cos you make the flames burn higher
I'm so high on you
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Lyrics to In Lust
by Poisonblack

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