Lyrics to Easy
by Polly Jean Harvey

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[edit]Song titleEasy
[edit]Artist namePolly Jean Harvey
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oyster pearl, You easy girls
You're flapping in, You're shouting
You're dead good
All the men say
Legs wide hips swinging like a doorway
Easy, Easy, Easy
I'm ranting
I'm raving
I'm taking in just everything
You're giving me no leeway
I open once and you call
me devil's gateway
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And I deserve it ; I asked for it
Have to admit it ; We dress like targets
Yeah I deserve it ; Give me no leeway
I give you fine times
You can call me devil's gateway
Easy, Easy, Easy, Easy,
Easy, Easy, Easy, Easy
Easy {and I deserve it...and
I deserve it} (X3 )
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Lyrics to Easy
by Polly Jean Harvey

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