Lyrics to Backstabbaz
by Pooh-Man

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[edit]Song titleBackstabbaz
[edit]Artist namePooh-Man
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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They smile in your face, when you fall
They turn and wanna take your place
They smile, they smile

Now Mhisani you done fucked up, punk
So I gots to unleash a trunk of this gangsta funk
See what you did was make a player mad
And now I got to tear a gap out your bitch ass
All in my face complimenting my shit
But you get behind my back and badmouth me like a bitch
See I wanna know what your problem is, brother
Talking that shit about the kid from the gutter
Swearing you a pimp, you wanna be Mack
But everybody who knows your ass
knows it ain't shit like that
Punk-ass nigga, wannabe Goldie
Ain't nothing but a bitch is what my homeboys told me
Check the shit is ran, I left Dangerous on my own
So all that bad-mouthing me nigga, leave it alone
See accidents happen, to punk-ass laggers
Fuck you, stay off my dick, backstabber

They smile in your face
All in turn they wanna take your place
(You see I put my trust in you
But Dangerous Music didn't come through)
They smile in your face
All in turn they wanna take your place
(How's it gonna be, what you gonna do?
How you gonna come back to?)

Now here's a shot to you brothers who talk behind my back
You'd better get a strap and watch your fucking back
You ain't gonna live too long, you ran your mouth, nigga
So once again it's on
Here's my dick in your motherfucking mouth, chump
Fools tried to do me, now they gots some funk
For any fool who want to be a player
You'd better watch your ass, cause I slay ya before I pay ya
And I ain't taking a damn thing for granted
Find more similar lyrics on 9 will take your motherfucking ass off the planet
You ran your mouth and threatened my life
So any nigga that you sin, he'd better come right
Cause life's a motherfucking bitch
And nine times out of ten I'm a nigga with a full clip
And I ain't tripping on gatting ya
So step the fuck back, you backstabber

They smile in your face
All in turn they wanna take your place
(Will somebody please take these
Knives out of my back?)
They smile in your face
All in turn they wanna take your place
(What's you gonna do with me?) (Repeat 2x)

Now I gots to rip another brother apart
And it ain't because I hate you Banks, you hurting my heart
You forgot who gave your ass its juice
Scared to say his name nigga, it was Bruce
Yeah, you know your punk ass ain't right
Motherfucker ain't never been to my nigga's gravesite
You know your ass gives Travis love
But seven duece is where you got your motherfucking blood
See "Fucking With Dank" put your ass at the top
But it seems like now that your ass forgot
Nigga you gon' learn your lesson quick
Seems your head got swoll as a son of a bitch
My nigga John got a message for you nigga
Never cross game, fool, never cross a killer
See you're lucky we don't tax ya
But you can live with the memory, you backstabber

They smile in your face
All in turn they wanna take your place
(I put my trust in you
But you didn't come through)
They smile in your face
All in turn they wanna take your place
(All smile in your face) (Repeat with ad-libs to fade)
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Lyrics to Backstabbaz
by Pooh-Man

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