Lyrics to It Will Rain for a Million Years
by Porcupine Tree

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[edit]Song titleIt Will Rain for a Million Years
[edit]Artist namePorcupine Tree
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Lyrics: Alan Duffy / Music: Steven Wilson

I locked myself inside the capsule
And watched the planet slowly turning blue
The lights before me flashed and sparkled
Holding keys to lives I've wandred through
Circuits buzzing, visions passing
Mysterious and cold upon the screen
Glowing, flowing with the currents
Yet never knowing where I've really been
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The floating seeds of timeless travel
Come to rest in planes that don't exist
Visiting worlds of crystal beauty
Offering dreams so very hard to resist
I've seen the past, I've seen the future
Beyond dimension and into empty space
Finding questions, never answers
living time behind another face
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Lyrics to It Will Rain for a Million Years
by Porcupine Tree

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