Lyrics to I'll get Ahead Someday
by Porter Wagoner

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[edit]Song titleI'll get Ahead Someday
[edit]Artist namePorter Wagoner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'll get ahead someday I'll get ahead someday If
the sun comes up and my wife cuts down I'll get
ahead someday Well I get up early work hard all
day listen to the troubles of my friends But I
don't realize till I get home what an awful shape
I'm in The car's wore out kids need shoes got a
bill from doctor today And the landlord said
you'll get out tomorrow if you don't get me some
Find more similar lyrics on But I'll get ahead someday... All I can hear
there's a sale downtown I gotta have some money
today But there's things at home that's never been
used you bought last bargain day Well I tell hurt
we'll have to cut down here is what you said
What's mine is mine what's yours is mine that's
how I got this mess But I'll get ahead someday...
If the sun comes up and my wife cuts down I'll get
ahead someday
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Lyrics to I'll get Ahead Someday
by Porter Wagoner

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