Lyrics to Lonely Comin' Down
by Porter Wagoner

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[edit]Song titleLonely Comin' Down
[edit]Artist namePorter Wagoner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I woke up this morning in a strange place looked
into the mirror at a strange face Then I looked
for you but you could not be found then I felt the
lonely comin' down Then I felt the lonely dripping
down my face as I realized no one could take your
place I wondered where the love had gone that we
had found As I felt the lonely comin' down
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I walked across our room to the empty bed Saw the
imprint on the pillow where you layed your head
The fragrance of you still lingered all around
again I felt the lonely comin' down Then I felt
the lonely... As I felt the lonely comin' down
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Lyrics to Lonely Comin' Down
by Porter Wagoner

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