Lyrics to Misery Loves Company
by Porter Wagoner

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[edit]Song titleMisery Loves Company
[edit]Artist namePorter Wagoner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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So break out the bottle bring on the crowd
Just gather round me 'cause misery loves a company

I've just left my home friends where I couldn't sleep
For missin' a woman that I couldn't keep
She just walked out and left me for somebody else
Now her memory keeps hauntin' me when I'm by myself

So break out the bottle bring on the crowd
Tell funny stories turn the jukebox up loud
Come on sit at my table where the drinks are on me
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Now I'm not the first one who's lost everything
To a false hearted woman with a false hearted dream
But this is the first time I've suffered myself
Help me get over this love I'll handle the next love all by myself

So break out the bottle bring on the crowd
Tell funny stories turn the jukebox up loud
Come on sit at my table where the drinks are on me
Just gather round me 'cause misery loves company
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Lyrics to Misery Loves Company
by Porter Wagoner

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