Lyrics to They're all Going Home but one
by Porter Wagoner

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[edit]Song titleThey're all Going Home but one
[edit]Artist namePorter Wagoner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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There were five of us boys in the family we told
our dear mama goodbye And left our little home
down in Georgie our luck in the city to try We
agreed to go back there and see her when two years
had passed away She told us that she would be
waiting that two years is over today They're all
going home to mama tonight they're all going home
but one And mama will be so happy tonight and
proud of each fortunate son But one of her boys
will be missing there's one she will fail to see
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going home but me harmonica
Tonight it's so dark here in prison I sit gazing
out through the bars And thinkin' of mama in
Georgie I can still see her face in the stars The
rest were all steadfast and loyal not one tear
would they cause her to shed But I was the one who
disgraced her a criminal better off dead They're
all going home to mama tonight they're all going
home but me
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Lyrics to They're all Going Home but one
by Porter Wagoner

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