Lyrics to Uncle pen
by Porter Wagoner

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[edit]Song titleUncle pen
[edit]Artist namePorter Wagoner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh the people would come from far away they'd
dance all night till the break of day When the
caller hollered do-se-do we knew Uncle Pen was
ready to go Late in the evening about sundown high
on the hill and above the town Uncle Pen played
the fiddle and oh how it would ring You could hear
it talk you could hear it sing fiddle
Well he played an old tune called Soldier's Joy
Find more similar lyrics on the one they called Boston Boy And the
greatest of all was Jenny Lind to me that's where
fiddlin' begin Late in the evening about
sundown... fiddle
I'll never forget that mournful day when Uncle Pen
was called away They hang up his fiddle they hang
up his bow they know it was time for him to go
Late in the evening about sundown...
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Lyrics to Uncle pen
by Porter Wagoner

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