Lyrics to Phantasm
by Possessed

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[edit]Song titlePhantasm
[edit]Artist namePossessed
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Welcome to your funeral
You life has just begun
Lie in the hearse
Into the morgue
Where the dead unite as one

Into the shrine you fall
Hear the dead, they call
Angel of the damned
Walks with me, hand in hand

Fly through the night which has no end
Into the land where you're condemned
Messiah from the grave
Find more similar lyrics on the corpse of hell
Behold, the morbid saint
Come forth from whence you fell

As you walk throught valley of death
Phantasia waits for your last breath
The demons stride with
the Devil's bride
Rest in peace

Phantom, spread you wings
As the black coven signs
Eyes which mesmerice
From the crypts, the rise
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Lyrics to Phantasm
by Possessed

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